I the undersigned Raichand Kayani was born at Port Jakhau in the native state of Kutch on the 9th ashad bud 1954 Vikram Samvat at about 2330 hours before midnight corresponding to the Roman Calendar 28th June, 1898.

In the beginning, I must frankly and candidly admit that I have never gone to high school, but whatever the poor English I know, I am writing these few lines for my family members before anything might happen to me.

I came to Bombay with my parents in the year 1905 and learned some vernacular Gujarati which is my mother tongue after that I had some English lessons and never passed even the third standard.

In the year 1914, my father wanted me to go to Vienna (Austria-Hungary) to study there and he had duly engaged my passage by a vessel name “Marianbad” to Trieste of Austrian-Lloyd but sorry to inform you that fortune was not smiling at me and I had to be in Bombay owing to break of first world war.

Again in the year 1916, I got the chance to go to China and Japan and caught it for locks, and prepared myself to start my journey to Japan. I left Bombay with my father in the month of August 1916 by rail journey to Colombo via Madras, Indore, Dhanushkodi, and Talemana to watch the N.Y.K. Line vessel “Kitano Maru” for Kobe.

After staying there in Japan for about four months visiting Kobe, Osaka, Yokohama, and Tokyo I came back to India in the month of December 1916 by the N.Y.K. Line vessel “Katori maru’ on her maiden voyage from Japan to Colombo and usual route.

Again in the year 1920, I caught the opportunity to go to the U.K. And continent and sailed myself in the month of February 1920 by the vessel “Loyalty” of Scindia steam navigation co. Ltd., for marseilles. I had been to Marseilles, Barcelona, Paris, le havre, Brussels, Antwerp, Ghent, Hamburg, Prague, Vienna, London, and Liverpool during my stay in the U.K. And continent. While on the toil continent, I always used to travel by first class by rail and had my abode in first-class hotels like hotel bristol in Barcelona, Hotel Atlantic in Hamburg, and Hotel Regina in Vienna.

After staying on the continent of Europe for about ten months I came back to India by the Lloyd Triestino vessel “Cracovia” on her maiden voyage from Port Trieste to Bombay. During my stay of ten months on the continent I enjoyed the spring of my life.

I had very hard days from 1923 onwards for nearly five years as I had no lucrative business. Again in the year 1931 at the instance of Shri Thakersey of Messrs. Hirji Nensey & Co. I started a freight brokerage business. Since 1931 I am in the same business of freight brokerage. I am highly obliged to Shri Thakersey for helping me and I will never forget his advice. Again the year 1940 up to 1946 I had a very bad time owing to the second world war. My
Business became a standstill and I was hardly earning rs.50/- to rs.80/- per month to maintain my family. Again the sun rose in 1947 since that time my income became sturdy today I am in a well-to-do position making the both ends meet.

Before ending these few lines it is my last desire to advise my family members Treat patriotism is a conviction that country India is superior to all the countries in the world because we have been born to it. A good name is better than riches.

Instead of giving the wealth to your sons, I would like that you give them good education so that their future may be bright and may light happy and healthy life.
God bless each and every one of you.